Get out from under the pile of sticky notes you're drowning in and plan for your most impactful and profitable year yet with a spreadsheet you and your team can refer back to throughout the year.






— Keep your vision, goals and values top of mind, so they can inform your strategy and you don't get caught up in comparison


— Map out your annual revenue, so you're super clear on how much $ comes from each offer + the number of units you have to sell (realistic revenue goals!)


— Map your campaigns, launches, PR, and community activation events by quarter and month so you can see, at a glance, what's happening when and never fall behind 


— Complete a Gantt Chart + sprints so you can see, for every week of the year, what's on your to do list 


— Create a monthly dashboard you and your team can work off of to ensure seamless, cross-functional communication 

"Pia, you’re the spreadsheet QUEEN 👸🏽 I can’t even put it into words how valuable this is for a recovering perfectionist & minimalist! 🤯 Thank you!"


— Paula, Brand + Website Expert


— Financial abundance, an audience that can't wait to work with you, and to genuinely love what you do every day.


— To stop writing down your ideas, putting them up on the wall but never taking action on them.​


— Structure in how you plan (beyond just manifesting what you want) so you can be productive and proactive.



— Setting arbitrary quotas and goals in the hopes of scaling your business (like, should I just guess?)


— Constantly thinking of the next idea that will grow your business and taking messy action that feels rushed to just barely pull it off.


— Feeling like you need a more strategic approach because you're sick of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what stick, or scrambling at every launch.




— Have your entire YEAR (!) planned out beyond just setting goals for yourself.


— Be actually excited about getting organized, because what you've mapped out feels completely possible.


— Have peace of mind and focus on doing what you do best...rather than wondering how you're going to make enough money next month to get to the next level in your business.


— Plan ahead, work within your bandwidth, and still know you're going to meet your goals for the  year. 


— Feel energized by your business again, instead of worried about how to pull this thing off or the pressure of scaling, because you have a plan.


"I've literally signed up for every free workbook/PDF/planning guide/intention-setting guide on the planet. They all suck - they're simple, not thoughtful, and I juts end up frustrated. The thought that Pia puts into these materials (I paid for most of them, but not this Spreadsheet, and holy F I would pay for that one a million times over) is insane. She's thought of everything. I've never met anyone as detail-oriented as me...until now.​"


— TS, Curate Community Member