How well do you know your ICA?

Create more relatable content, message your offer, and attract and convert your ideal clients






 If you’re struggling with: 

  • Getting in front of the right audience, or a big enough audience 
  • Finding leads that value you and your work
  • Articulating what you do and the impact it causes 
  • Making your work feel relatable to your clients 
  • Identifying the noble promise of your programs
  • Solving problems, teaching on things, and doing work that doesn’t actually excite you, but it’s what you think your ICA wants/needs

You might now know your ideal client in as much detail as you need to — take this quiz to find out! 



there’s a good chance you have big goals to impact lives, be a change-maker and thought leader, better serve your community, and watch your business grow quickly as a result. 


At the heart of all this is the clients you serve.



This quiz will help you identify whether or not you know them well enough to carry out your vision — or what to do next to create more community, connection, and conversion in your business.

You likely know how important it is to identify and define the characteristics of the person your business is designed to help.


But you might also be thinking...


  • "I’m scared to niche down because I don’t want to box myself in. Plus, what I do can help everyone!"
  • "How do I market myself? What do I call myself? How do I tell people what I do in a way they’ll understand?"
  • "I can’t seem to get in front of the right audience; where is my community?!"
  • "I can’t find leads that value me or my work — I feel like I'm always chasing leads and even after that, chasing people to keep up retention."
  • "How do I convert clients without feeling salesy and cringey?"




I firmly believe that knowing the person you serve in as much detail as possible is key to successful marketing and messaging, truly setting people up for success, and creating a community that will join you in your movement.


- Shenna, Vision Advisor, Founder of Make One Day Happen